What are some daily logistics in a homestay?


  • Utility costs are much higher in Japan than in the U.S. Use electricity and hot water conservatively.
  • When leaving your room, turn off the light, air-conditioner, or heater. If you don’t know how to use an appliance, please ask your host family.


  • In general, most families do laundry in them morning. Ask your host family how you should do your laundry. Some families may ask you to do laundry on your own, while others prefer to do laundry for you with clothes of other family members. If you prefer to use a laundromat, you are responsible for the cost.
  • Before you do a wash by yourself, find out from your family exactly how to operate the machine. Japanese washers are much smaller than American models: don’t overload them.
  • Don’t do laundry every day. If your family offers to do your laundry, be reasonable with the quantity you give them.
  • Not all Japanese homes have a dryer: clothes are hung out to dry, which takes longer. If you wash a load, don’t expect to wear those clothes the next day. But don’t save up your laundry either and try to hang-dry it all at once. Once a week or slightly more often is a good pace.


Most host families separate trash into burnable, unburnable, and cans. Learn your family’s system.

Caring for Yourself

Be self-sufficient: get yourself up on time, so your host family doesn’t feel unnecessarily burdened.