When I arrive at my homestay, what do I need to keep in mind?

KCP staff will select your host family before you arrive in Japan, based on information you provide. On program arrival day at the airport, you will either take a train with a KCP staff member to a point where your host family meets you and takes you home; or take a bus from the airport to the station closest to your host family’s place. A KCP staff member will give you directions.

Your Room

When taking your luggage into your room, be very careful not to damage the floor (especially the tatami mat or carpet) by dragging your luggage across it. Be careful with furniture and other objects in the room. Please make sure to leave your outside shoes in the entrance: don’t bring them into your room.
Japanese family members usually clean their rooms every day. Likewise, you are expected to keep your room clean and orderly. If you use a futon (a traditional Japanese bed), please tuck it away in the closet every morning. Ask your family where to put the futon and how to handle it. If you use a Western-style bed, make your bed every day. Learn your family’s cleaning routine.
Your host family may need to enter your room from time to time, to get things stored in the room or air the room out. This is typical.