Pocky and GABA

Japanese Snacks and Famous Chocolate Brands

Almost anyone, if not everyone has a snack at some point.  Snacking gets us by in-between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms from sweet to savory, and from healthy to satisfying our indulgences. In addition, more consumers are eating smaller meals, more frequently in today’s fast paced world out of convenience. Snacking has become big business globally. In the U.S., the salted snack segment alone is projected to reach $109 billion in sales by 2025.

Snacking in Japan

The Japanese snack food industry along with the growing influence of Western snacks, offers a wide variety of portioned treats in sweet and savory flavors. The domestic snack food business is a fast-growing industry with new products continuously being introduced in the Japanese market. Japan’s production of confectionery and snack foods has reached a staggering two million metric tons in the last decade or so. Chocolate remains to be one of the most popular snack foods anywhere in the world.

Meiji almond chocolateJapanese consume chocolate in moderation. One factor that increases the demand and consumption of the sweet treat in the country and the success of chocolate companies in Japan is introducing two different occasions where most people are expected to buy chocolates: Valentine’s Day and White Day. Valentine’s Day in Japan is mostly observed by women who give presents to men, usually chocolates. On White Day, the men and boys who received the sweet tokens return the favor to the giver.

Some of Japan’s popular chocolate brands


Meiji Chocolates. The Meiji dairy company was established in 1917. Their chocolate is characteristically smooth and creamy. They come in several variants such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and macadamia and chocolate.

Nama chocolatesRoyce

Royce’ Chocolate.  These deliciously creamy chocolates are Hokkaido’s signature product.

Ezaki Glico

Ezaki Glico is based in Osaka. Its famous logo, the “Glico Running Man”, also a famous Osaka landmark. The logo is projected on a giant neon sign that hangs over the Dotonbori canal. Glico is also known for their Pocky snack and the variety of flavors it offers. Glico’s GABA is their signature chocolate snack.


Fujiya’s popular range of chocolates ‘Look’, offer many different variants with assorted flavors and fillings. Milky is another popular range in the company’s snack line-up that features creamy chocolate that’s to die for. Ma’am cookies are the company’s signature snack and is one of the best-selling snacks in Japan. The cookie is known for its unique baking process resulting in a crispy exterior and moist interior.