View of Tokyo skyline with Senso-ji Temple and Tokyo skytree at twilight.

Great Shopping Spots In Tokyo

It’s always fun to go shopping when traveling in a new place. Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is a fun and exciting place to visit. But Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and not knowing where to find great bargains can cost you a pretty penny.

Here are some places to shop when visiting Tokyo:

Ameya-Yokochō (アメヤ横丁)  is conveniently located in the Taito Ward of Tokyo. It is an open-air market next to the Ueno Station, just behind the Yodobashi Camera building. The market’s name “Ameya-Yokochō” originated from the shops in the area that sold United States army goods after World War II. “Ame” is short for America. Today,  Ameya-Yokochō has over 180 shops that sell anything and everything, from fresh food to clothes and watches.

Shimokitazawa second-hand Shop

Shimokitazawa second-hand Shop.

Shimokitazawa (下北沢), also known as shimokita, is a neighborhood of streets surrounding Shimo-kitazawa Station where Odakyu Electric Railway and Keio Inokashira Lines intersect. The district has long been known for hosting live performances and is the place for stage theater and music venues.

Shimokitazawa is also the home of the historic Honda Gekijō theater and holds several theater festivals all year round.  The district’s narrow streets and small alleyways add to the charm of the neighborhood where small businesses thrive and great bargains await.

Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水) stretches from the Yushima section of Bunkyo-ku to the Kanda section of Chiyoda-ku. Chūō Line is the main transport center of the district; three prominent schools have campuses in the area. Ochanomizu is known for being the musical instrument hub of Tokyo, and it also offers great bargains on sports equipment.

 “Ochanomizu” literally means tea water and is named after the nearby Kanda River where water was taken to make the shogun’s tea during the Edo period.